Set Screw

AM Equipment’s New Set-Screw Wiper Arm Mount Solves a Common Problem

AM Equipment has just released a new wiper arm mounting.  The new set-screw mounting’s configuration, including an extra-long skirt, protects the pivot shaft raises the wiper arm allowing clearance of the window gasket.

Wiper arm maintenance is simplified too.  A single “set screw” torqued to 40 inch pounds securely mounts the arm/blade combination to the pivot shaft.  Quick removal and installation with a single hex wrench means wiper arm maintenance is lot easier.

The new set-screw mounting socket allows us to build non-corrosive wiper arms that fit any 212 Series and 208 Series, and all WWF type marine wiper motors with ½ inch drums.

AM Equipment can build marine wiper arms with any of the blade and wiper arm characteristics our products are known for, including:

  • Stainless steel tension springs
  • Larger stainless steel flat wire construction
  • Simplified idler arm brackets
  • Available with either hook slot or saddle blade attachment
  • Choice of framed or frameless wiper blades