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How to Avoid Slow Windshield Wipers on Rail Applications

The nominally 12V and 24V wiper motors that power boat, truck and tractor wiper systems really operate at charging voltages of 13.5V and 27V, respectively. But many locomotive generating systems operate at 74V and light rail often runs on 110V then use an inverter to step down high-voltage.  If you use a setpoint such as […]

How to Describe a Wiper System’s Park Position

REMEMBER! CW and CCW, like all wiper system direction designations, are referenced from the outside of the vehicle looking in. When you’re talking about windshield wiper system park positions you won’t go wrong using CW or CCW to indicate the direction the arm travels to park. You can find a glossary and answers to other […]

AM Equipment’s New Set-Screw Wiper Arm Mount Solves a Common Problem

AM Equipment has just released a new wiper arm mounting.  The new set-screw mounting’s configuration, including an extra-long skirt, protects the pivot shaft raises the wiper arm allowing clearance of the window gasket. Wiper arm maintenance is simplified too.  A single “set screw” torqued to 40 inch pounds securely mounts the arm/blade combination to the […]

Where Can You Find Wiper Arms to Replace ANCO Products?

ANCO Wiper Arms are already hard to come by.  And with the closing of their plant in Michigan City, Indiana at the end of August, the situation isn’t likely to improve any time soon.  In fact, ANCO quit taking orders last February 15th and will cease production at the end of August 2013.  That decision […]