How to Describe a Wiper System’s Park Position

The term Park Position means where the wipers come to rest when the system is turned off.  Many years ago the industry used right hand park and left hand park to indicate the position of a wiper arm at rest.  Unfortunately, the left-right designation sometimes resulted in confusion.  That’s because the direction a wiper arm moved to the same resting or park position depended on whether the assembly was mounted above the window with the arms pointing down or below the window with the arms pointing up (see the following figures).

So to make things consistent and more obvious, we always designate the wiper system’s park position by indicating the arm travels clockwise (CW ) or the arm travels counter clockwise (CCW)  to the park position.


Radial Park Positions


Pantograph Park Positions

REMEMBER! CW and CCW, like all wiper system direction designations, are referenced from the outside of the vehicle looking in.

When you’re talking about windshield wiper system park positions you won’t go wrong using CW or CCW to indicate the direction the arm travels to park.

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