We are proud that AM Equipment Wiper Systems are

Made in the USA

It‘s about pride in what we do, not where it’s done.

Here at AM Equipment making our own products is a celebration of our passion for building adaptive design forward products that truly meet the full spectrum of our customers’ needs. That means we usually end up designing products we can produce right here in our Jefferson, Oregon factory.

And getting great feedback from our customers for our Made in the USA goods.

We don’t just design what we sell, we build what we sell. 

In an age when production is more often than not outsourced to an anonymous contract manufacturer, we’ve engineered an adaptive wiper system manufacturing process. It’s optimized for small scale, from one to one thousand, specialty runs that are fully attuned to your requirements.  From concept to shipped product, when it comes to windshield wiper systems, we design what we make and we make what we sell. Accountability –we own it.

So does it really matter where it’s made?

Yes and no.  Made in the USA is less about where we manufacture AM Equipment wiper systems — though Oregon seems like a natural when it comes to rain related products — than about the fact that we make our own windshield wiper systems, in our own factory, under our own brand name

Made in the USA is shorthand for design forward services and products made with pride and integrity by a company that’s accountable and cares for its customers, employees, business partners, and community.  This is not something that’s universally American, but it is fundamentally AM Equipment.