Our First "Made in America" Motors!

A few weeks ago, we introduced our new 240 Series DC Gear Motors. Of course we’re proud of this motor’s incredible torque and longevity, but we’re over-the-top elated that it is Made in America! We have other motors with high Buy America content, but we’re thrilled to offer these US-made 240 Series motors.

Look at these beautiful armatures!

Look at these beautiful armatures!

Since we’re building the 240s right at home in Jefferson, Oregon, we can keep a close eye on quality and consistency, plus we are improving our time-to-market. Another benefit: we can make nimble changes to our motor windings for specific current needs. That means we can customize our design for specific applications and customers on a small scale.

Check out our 240 Wiper Motors available in our online shop; other versions will be available soon!