Case Study: Laval Underground

Laval Underground pioneered the concept of well camera inspection in the 1940s.  As technology advanced, the once-bulky, truck-mounted system shrank small enough to mount on a handcart and inspect water wells and boreholes as small as 2".  To drive it, Laval needed a strong, lightweight, DC battery-powered motor able to deploy and retrieve up to 1300 feet of cable.  


AM Equipment supplied a solution, with a motor built for strength and efficiency.  AM Equipment's 226 Series DC Gear Motor provided the torque and speed necessary for Laval's stringent requirements while minimizing battery power consumption.

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How to Measure Wiper Arm Length

Wiper arm length is measured as the straight line distance from the center of the pivot shaft to the center of connection to the wiper blade.  The bridge width between the driver and idler of a pantograph arm is also measured “center to center."


What if there’s a bend in the arm, as pictured below?  The same advice applies.  To determine the arm's length, simply measure the straight line distance from the center of the pivot to the center of the wiper blade connection.