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Featured Product: Motor Cover for 212 Series

Searching for an attractive and effective motor / cover combo? Look no further!

We offer two different covers for our 212 Series DC Gear Motor: one with an integrated rocker switch and wire harness and one without. This is a great way to streamline the look and functionality of your 212 motor while still fitting in a small installation envelope.


Just as a reminder, here are some reasons our 212 motor is so useful:

  • Small yet tough! Fits in areas with limited space.

  • Single-speed, 12 Nm stall torque, 12 V or 24 V.

  • Various sweep angles and pivot shaft lengths available. So many options!

  • Lightweight! Won’t weigh down your finished product.

An added bonus: the motor cover with switch enables selection of clockwise or counterclockwise park position, depending on wiring.

214 Series DC Gear Motors - So Many Applications!

AM Equipment’s 214 Series features make it perfectly suited for a huge range applications.  Because of the 214’s unique bushing system and power take-off shaft, it can handle heavier side loads than competitors’ motors.  The result?  It is perfect for driving a gearbox, linear actuator, or rotary actuator.


Sample Applications:

  • Opening/closing valves

  • Locking doors

  • Powering gates

  • Opening/closing greenhouse windows

  • Enabling the mobility industry

  • Opening/closing RV or bus doors

  • Opening/closing RV or bus compartments

  • Deploying/retracting hose reels

  • Lifting/lowering beds in RVs or toy haulers

  • Deploying/retracting powered steps

214 Series Features:

  • 14 Nm stall torque

  • 90 rpm no-load

  • Offset bolt pattern for use with sprockets and drives

  • Self-locking

  • Resists backdrive

  • Internal circuit breaker protected

  • 10 mm diameter double flat power take-off shaft

  • Power take-off shaft extends from motor housing plane

  • Waterproof connector