AM Equipment

We combine innovation and expertise to provide motion solutions of superior quality, value, and safety to drive a better world.

AM Equipment designs and manufactures DC linear and rotary actuators for applications such as windshield wiper systems, automated stair steps, door openers, and wheelchair lifts. We are a world-wide supplier for diverse industries: everything from mass-transit to robotics.  AM Equipment is family-owned since 1953 and ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2002.


Our product.  On your loading dock.  Fast.


We're on the west coast and we have a Midwest site, so no matter where you are, shipments are speedy.


AM Equipment offers quick order turnaround time.

Our American product.  On your vehicle.  Fast, efficient, lightweight.


AM Equipment wiper systems average 74% BUY AMERICA content.


AM Equipment Plug & Play wiper systems have the shortest installation time in the industry.


Our motors average 35% lighter than the competition.


Our efficient motor systems typically draw fewer amperes than standard.