30% off our 4.25 Liter Washer Bottle (part number 312-1234)
30% off our 4.24 Liter Washer Bottle (part number 312-1234)

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Introducing MED Class Industrial Motors

AM Equipment introduces the MED Class, smart motors – ENC and CAN.  Our industry leading technology allows for easy communication and feedback, including CANbus connectivity.  These fully sealed, compact, and powerful motors include high resolution encoding for precise speed, direction, and position control.  The supply voltage of either 12 or 24 Vdc provides additional flexibility in our applications needs.  Motion control just got a whole lot easier with MED.

Introducing Power Move™

Power Move™ automates your manually operated bulkhead doors, providing a secure, safe, and swift way of operation. By eliminating the driver’s need to manually open and close the bulkhead door, PowerMove™ significantly reduces exposure to injuries and enables faster delivery stops.  

Obstruction detection & manual override lever

Corrosion resistant & ball bearing supported shafts

Configurable sizing & programmable capabilities

Built-in reverse polarity & I/O for external sensing and control

The Tank Line-up Expands

AM Equipment provides reservoir tanks and accessories for a wide range of applications. We’re excited to announce the addition of our new 4 Quart and 0.3 Liter tanks to our line-up. If our current list of products does not meet your needs, we can design customized solutions to fit your specific use case. We can create detailed 3D CAD models, explore new manufacturing processes, and test material compatibility with new fluid types. Whatever you need, we can deliver a high-performing, superior-quality solution at an incredible value.

Motion control solutions designed to order.

Need a specialty wiper system or an innovative motor configuration you can trust in the toughest conditions? Our engineering team can customize a motion control solution tailored to whatever your application calls for.

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From sliding doors and lift gates to dairy feeders and solar positioning, our motion control solutions can be adapted to work reliably and efficiently in almost any extreme environment.

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When you work with AM Equipment, you get more than a product — you get a partner. With remarkable responsiveness and a creative engineering team committed to quality, we make it our mission to deliver motion control solutions that will transform the way you do business.

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We proudly manufacture our wiper systems locally at our facilities in Jefferson, Oregon.

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