Long Life Wiper Systems & Durable DC Motors

AM is your source for fully customized, long life wiper systems that are engineered for your specific needs. Over and over again, we’ve identified the solution that provides the best coverage and longevity even in the most difficult environments. Plus, our line of custom-designed DC motors have proven their durability across a wide spectrum of uses.

Wiper Systems

Wiper Systems awardCertifications

We developed AM Equipment’s patented Plug & Play (2P) radial wiper system for use on vehicles with wide glass.

Our Double Drive (2D) pantograph wiper system with the rugged conditions you build your vehicles to withstand in mind.

These wipers are durable by design — engineered to provide years of dependable service. Then we build them to endure the harshest conditions you’re likely to find on land or sea.

DC Motors

DC Motors

AM's DC gear motors are designed and engineered to meet the needs of a variety of hard-working applications. But behind every motor is a team of engineers and support personnel making sure you get the right motor in the right place, at the right time.

Our line of DC electric wiper motors provide reliable power to marine, RV, truck, commercial vehicle, and heavy equipment wiper systems.