AM Equipment

Driving Your Product Value

AM Equipment designs and manufactures DC gear motors and mechanisms such as windshield wiper systems and electrical components.  We are a world-wide supplier for the mass-transit, marine, industrial, heavy trucking, recreational vehicle, and robotics industries.  We are family-owned since 1953 and ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2002.


Our product.  On your loading dock.  Fast.


We're on the west coast and we have a Midwest site, so no matter where you are, shipments are speedy.


AM Equipment's turnaround time averages 2 days.

Our American product.  On your vehicle.  Fast, efficient, lightweight.


AM Equipment wiper systems average 74% BUY AMERICA content.


AM Equipment Plug & Play wiper systems have the shortest installation time in the industry.


Our motors average 35% lighter than the competition.


Our efficient motor systems typically draw fewer amperes than standard.