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Motion Control Solutions for Every Application

In the desert, near the ocean, or on the farm, our DC gear motors are at home in most environments. With innovative designs made right here in the USA, you can trust our motion control solutions to keep you moving.

Introducing MED Class Motors

AM Equipment’s MED Class smart motors are designed for precise speed, direction and position control.
These motors are specifically suited for either PWM or CANbus (J1939) controller communication. There
are a variety of output shafts, and customization is available for different speed, torque, and output shafts.

Challenge us to meet your specific project requirements.

Precise speed, direction, and position control, with either PWM or CANbus connectivity.

Powerful, 40Nm max. torque, with low current draw, in a compact, efficient package. Customizable for a variety of applications including changes to the output shaft, harness cable and connector, supply voltage, gear wheel material, gear ratios and motor windings.

Reliable, brushed DC motor (12 or 24 Vdc) with right angle worm gearbox, a wide variety of output shafts, and IP 68 rating.

High resolution, full quadrature encoder.

Step One

Define the problem

We listen carefully to identify and understand the unique design challenges your team is facing.

Step Two

Propose solutions

Our engineers develop solutions tailored to meet the needs of your specific application.

Step Three

Let’s get to work!

We bring your design to life and test it along the way to make sure your solution will get the job done.

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