Work Truck

Work Truck

AM Equipment offers OEM components and refit components to the work truck industry, including:

  • Windshield wiper assemblies
  • Windshield washer systems
  • Door actuation systems
  • Lift gate drive motors
  • Cargo bed slide drive motors
  • Wrench and reel drive motors

For work truck manufacturers, AM Equipment’s engineering team collaborates with yours to provide layout, component specification, and quoting services. We will help you meet project parameters and have the ability to design and test to your customers’ specifications.

Featured Products

Looking for the appropriate wiper assembly, arms, and blades for your product? Find the part you need by viewing our product specs.

Windshield Wiper Systems

DC Motors

Windshield Washer Systems

Introducing Power Move™

Power Move™ automates your manually operated bulkhead doors, providing a secure, safe, and swift way of operation. By eliminating the driver’s need to manually open and close the bulkhead door, PowerMove™ significantly reduces exposure to injuries and enables faster delivery stops.

Featured Case Studies

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Need a custom design?

Have a specific project in mind? Fill out a custom design form so our engineers can configure our systems for your application.