AM Equipment Welcomes a New Vice President

AM Equipment is pleased to announce the addition of Sidney Chase as Vice President, effective May 23, 2018.  In this role, Chase will be responsible for project management, overseeing manufacturing and engineering teams.

Chase joins AM Equipment after two stints at HP (formerly Hewlett-Packard) in Boise, ID, and most recently in Corvallis, OR, where she served as Master Business Analyst / Senior Global Delivery Strategy Manager in support of the PageWide digital printing press organization.  She also brings experience from past positions at ATS Automation where she was Director of Operations, Senior Program Manager, and Quality Assurance Manager.  During her time as a NASA Fellow at the University of Idaho, Chase led a team of mechanical engineers researching the design of the traction system for the Mars Rover.

 “We are excited to have Sidney join the AM Equipment team,” said Gary Pickett, President of AM Equipment.  “We have no doubt she will significantly contribute to greater company value.”

“I’m excited and grateful for this new opportunity. I look forward to joining the team at AM Equipment and leveraging my experience to contribute to the success of the business,” said Chase.

Is It Time for New Wiper Blades?

There are a few ways to determine whether your current windshield wiper blades have overstayed their welcome. 


First, take a look at them.  Does the rubber look cracked and brittle?  The result can be insufficient windshield wiping coverage.  Are the frames rusty?  That can happen when your blades have served you through winter weather or in a marine environment.  Also check to make sure the blades have good contact with the glass, since a bend can hinder them from doing their job.

The easiest way to know you need new blades is by using your current ones.  Do they leave streaks?  Make a squeaking sound?  Chatter across the windshield?  Probably time to say goodbye and start with fresh ones.  

How can you keep your blades working at their best as long as possible?  Make sure your windshield is clean, and never use your windshield wipers on dry glass.  Bear in mind, wiper blades aren't meant to last forever because rubber is a natural product that is affected by its environment.  We recommend inspecting your windshield wiper blades every six months and replacing as needed for maximum visibility.

AM Equipment Is Bilingual! ¡AM Equipment ya es Bilingue!

We are thrilled to offer our website in Spanish to better serve our Latin American market as well as our other Spanish-speaking customers worldwide.  

Ever since we launched our new website in February, we've been working hard to translate all of the informational text into Spanish.  Because of the technical language, it wasn't as easy as dropping it into Google Translate!

Estamos felices de ofrecer nuestra página web en español para servirle mejor a nuestros clientes en Latino América e igual a otros clientes que hablan español por todo el mundo.

Desde nuestro lanzamiento de nuestra nueva página web en Febrero, hemos trabajado duro para traducir toda la información a español.  Por lo técnico del lenguaje en el mundo de sistema limpiaparabrisas, no era tan fácil como solo poder traducir todo en el programa Google Translate.


Our translation team included Jorge, Alexander, Rafael, and Pavel, all engineers or market managers at AM Equipment with expertise in our product lines.  We're proud of their work on this project, so check it out, starting with the DC Gear Motor Applications page.

If you need assistance in Spanish, contact us via email or give us a call.

Nuestro equipo de traducción incluye a Jorge, Alexander, Rafael, Pavel y todos nuestros ingenieros y gerentes de ventas en AM Equipment con mucha experience en nuestra lineas de productos.  Estamos orgullosos de todo su trabajo en este proyecto, así que denle su visto bueno, empezando con la página de Aplicaciones para los Motorreductores a CD.

Si necesita asistencia en español, contáctenos via email o háblenos por teléfono.


Application Spotlight: EZ-F Powered Clutch

Adaptive Technology, LLC developed their EZ-F (Electric Zero-Force) powered clutch system to assist motorcyclists with left hand and arm issues by reducing the required handle pressure from 11-15 lbs down to 8-10 oz.  Their product found a broader market, though, beyond those with reduced hand strength:  anyone who rides in heavy traffic and constantly pulls the clutch handle can benefit from upgrading to an EZ-F.

 Image courtesy of Adaptive Technology, LLC

Image courtesy of Adaptive Technology, LLC

When Adaptive Technology, LLC, was seeking the perfect motor for their application, they were thrilled to find AM Equipment's 218 Series DC Gear Motor.  It is an 18 Nm motor, and they're using the 12 V version with the left-hand housing.


We're excited to be part of this new and empowering product.

An added bonus:  Adaptive Technology, LLC is based in Oregon, just like AM Equipment!

 Image courtesy of Adaptive Technology, LLC

Image courtesy of Adaptive Technology, LLC

NEW PRODUCT: MCI Bus Wiper / Washer System Replacement Kit!

We're excited to introduce our first complete windshield wiper and washer system replacement kit for the North America market. 


One package includes everything you'll need for to replace your driver-side and passenger-side systems on MCI D4000 and D4500 models, from motor systems a washer bottle to wiper arms and blades.


Want to know more?  Check out all of the windshield wiper system kit details.

Dust-Resistant Wiper Systems for Agricultural & Heavy Industrial Cabs

Every windshield wiper application has its enemy:  salt for marine applications, petroleum-based sludge for oil rigs, and dust for agricultural and industrial cabs.  In addition to dust-resistance, you need motors with EMI and RF suppression and a thermal breaker to prevent damage from overheating.


Because of the wide range of applications and environments, consider a custom wiper system with AM Equipment's 208 Series or 212 Series DC Gear Motors, or our 2D Pantograph or 2P Radial Plug & Play AssembliesContact us and we'll gladly discuss which options best suit your situation.

Case Study: Laval Underground

Laval Underground pioneered the concept of well camera inspection in the 1940s.  As technology advanced, the once-bulky, truck-mounted system shrank small enough to mount on a handcart and inspect water wells and boreholes as small as 2".  To drive it, Laval needed a strong, lightweight, DC battery-powered motor able to deploy and retrieve up to 1300 feet of cable.  


AM Equipment supplied a solution, with a motor built for strength and efficiency.  AM Equipment's 226 Series DC Gear Motor provided the torque and speed necessary for Laval's stringent requirements while minimizing battery power consumption.

New Website & Now Free Shipping Online!

We're excited to share the new


We have two goals for the new site. 

First, we want to make the online shopping experience simple and clear.  To that end, instead of the discounted pricing we used on our old site, we're now offering FREE U.S. SHIPPING on all web orders!

Second, we want you to be able to find the information you need about our engineered solutions and product capabilities.  Take a look at our DC Gear Motors and Wiper Assemblies!

How to Measure Wiper Arm Length

Wiper arm length is measured as the straight line distance from the center of the pivot shaft to the center of connection to the wiper blade.  The bridge width between the driver and idler of a pantograph arm is also measured “center to center."


What if there’s a bend in the arm, as pictured below?  The same advice applies.  To determine the arm's length, simply measure the straight line distance from the center of the pivot to the center of the wiper blade connection.