door opener

Come See Us at BusCon, September 23 - 25!

If you’re going to Indianapolis for BusCon, stop by to visit AM Equipment at booth #321. We’ll be demonstrating our controlled motion solutions for applications such as wheelchair lifts and mobility, sliding door opening/closing, bay door lifting/lowering, locking/unlocking mechanisms, and windshield wiper systems.

The possibilities don’t stop there, though—you can rely on our engineering team to tailor a creative solution for your application!


At our booth, you can see samples of a belt drive, a door locking/unlocking mechanism, a sliding door, OEM and replacement windshield wiper arms, and a stair step or bay door mechanism. If you’ve got a tricky application you’d like to motorize, we’ve got ideas!

Sample Application: Door Lock Mechanism

Quick, name all the door types that might need automated locking mechanisms:

  • Vehicle doors

  • Cargo bay doors on buses or RVs

  • Autonomous vehicle compartment doors

  • Those doors between the driver and the packages in delivery trucks

  • Work truck rear or side doors

  • Safes? Big safes?


There are countless varieties of doors requiring automatic locks, right? If you have an application that needs an automated locking mechanism, we can provide a motion control system for you. Take a look at our 214 Series DC Gear Motor (now on sale!), which will power your automatic door locks and a whole host of other applications.

5:1 Gear Box & 214 Series Motor Assembly

AM Equipment’s gear box and motor assembly makes light work of many tough applications, such as deploying and retracting powered steps, lifting and lowering bay doors, and opening and closing sliding doors. This motor and gear package features an output shaft supported with dual ball bearings to increase strength and durability.


Our gear box features a 5:1 gear ratio and comes standard with over center locking linkage. Custom linkages are available, or it can be ordered without linkage. This combination includes our 214 Series 14 Nm DC gear motor, which is 12 V.

An added bonus? The system is engineered and assembled in the USA!