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Power Move™

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Secure. Safe. Swift.

Power Move™ automates your manually operated bulkhead doors. The Power Move™ rotary actuator is your solution for secure, safe, and swift operation of bulkhead doors. Power Move™ eliminates the driver’s need to manually open and close the bulkhead door, thus significantly reducing exposure to injuries and enabling faster delivery stops. Key fob or dash mount button operation opens or closes the door. Once the driver closes the door, the Power Move™ provides a mechanical lock, keeping the remaining cargo safe and secure. The Power Move™ means more deliveries per day, reducing operational and overhead costs.

Critical Features

Obstruction detection

Manual override lever

Corrosion resistant

Configurable to a wide range of door openings

Programable controlled acceleration and deceleration of the door

I/O for external sensing and control

Ball bearing supported shafts

Up to IP 68* Rated

Built-in reverse polarity protection

12 VDC

Applications include:

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