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Heavy Duty Radial RV Wiper Arm, Wet, Straight Spline Interface



Product Details:

Note: all wiper arms are custom-built and have a two-week lead time.

  • Meets or exceeds FMVSS and SAE standards
  • Channel is powder coated stainless steel; extension is galvanized steel with vinyl cover; mounting head is cast aluminum; matte black finish; tension spring is stainless steel
  • Compatible with straight spline interfaces
  • Hookslot blade attachment
  • Wet wiper arm kit features internal hose routing, check valve, and integrated spray nozzle
  • Fixed arm length up to 810 mm (32″)

Additional information

Arm Length

351-0105, 740 mm (29"), left bend at 30°, 351-0019, 760 mm (30"), left bend at 25°, 351-0011, 810 mm (32"), left bend at 15°