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Marine Pantograph Wiper System Kit (minimum 30″ x 30″ glass)



Product Details:

  • This kit is for windshields with equal height and width or taller than wide, minimum 76 cm (30”) wide and 76 cm (30”) high
  • Designed to replace an existing windshield wiper system or for a boat without an existing system
  • Available for aluminum hull (maximum bulkhead thickness 13 mm or .5”) or fiberglass hull (maximum bulkhead thickness 35 mm or 1.375”) boats

Kit includes:

  • One 212 Series DC gear motor assembly
  • One standard duty 20” pantograph windshield wiper arm with pantograph adapter
  • One standard duty 20” windshield wiper blade

Additional information

Hull type

104-1169, fiberglass hull, 104-1170, aluminum hull