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Power Move™ Rotary Actuator

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AM Equipment engineered the Power Move™ Rotary Actuator as the solution for SECURE, SAFE, and SWIFT operation of bulkhead doors on Last Mile Delivery vehicles.


  • Compact size optimizes space and the motor is positioned over the housing to minimize footprint
  • Internal smart control PCB is environmentally sealed
  • Fully gasketed for environmental seal
  • Quick-disconnect facilitates manual override
  • Can detect obstructions and stop motor through current sensing
  • External inputs possible for sensing
  • Twin magnet control arms allow for 5° to 180° sweep angle in 5° increments
  • Variations of drive arm and link length combined with the twin magnet control arms allow for a total travel displacement to be achieved for any application
  • Drive arm and link can be aligned CW or CCW to become self-locking, eliminating the need for a secondary locking device on a door
  • Output shaft includes oil seal to prevent water / dust entry into the Power Move™
  • Output shaft is directly opposite the Power Move™ housing allowing the unit to mount to a flange or sheet metal with the shaft extending through the mounting plane
  • All rotating shafts ride in ball bearings for durability
  • Flying lead wires allow for customer-configurable termination
  • Offers overcurrent protection
  • Uses H bridges
  • 9-36 VDC, CW or CCW to park positions
  • Can slow down before reaching built-in limit switches
  • Available with and without quick disconnect feature