30% off our 4.25 Liter Washer Bottle (part number 312-1234)

4.25 Liter Washer Bottle



Product Details:

  • Slightly larger capacity to accommodate an entire bottle of washer fluid without spillage
  • Includes one fully sealed high-output, high-pressure pump positioned on the right as viewed from the front
  • Pump available in 12 V or 24 V
  • Pump recesses on front of bottle protect washer pumps from damage and provide easy service access
  • Grooved bottle design for improved stability and sturdiness
  • Extra large offset neck opening for easy fluid filling
  • Threaded bottle cap with rubber gasket is tethered to bottle and embossed with washer fluid icon
  • Uses 4 mm (3/16″) ID hose
  • Conforms to SAE J1944 for thermal performance and durability
  • Washer pumps passed independent dust and moisture intrusion tests and are IP 65 rated
  • For CAD files, engineering prints, or other detailed information, please contact us

Additional information

Bottle Type

312-1234, 12 V, 312-2434, 24 V