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Twist Knob Switch for Two-Speed Wiper Motors



Product Details:

  • Switch for one motor or for paired motors available
  • Available with or without push-to-wash with automatic three cycle wipe feature
  • Coast to park or dynamic park available
  • Comes with mounting nut and washer
  • Uses .25″ male spade electrical terminals
  • For use with 12 V or 24 V systems
  • Wiring diagrams

Additional information

Switch Application

311-1023, use with one motor, coast to park, no wash, 311-1022, use with one motor, coast to park, with wash, 311-1019, use with one motor, dynamic park, with wash, 311-1017, use with two motors, coast to park, with wash, 311-1030, use with two motors, dynamic park, with wash