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Unitized Assembly Motor Replacement Kit



Product Details:

Kit includes:

  • Two-speed, 30 Nm stall torque motor, coast to park, 12 V or 24 V
  • Two drive arms for sweep angles from 70° to 115°
  • One unitized wiper motor bracket, compatible with most AM Equipment, United Technologies, and some American Bosch systems
  • One link repair kit: link, clips, washers, bolts, and pivot shaft screws
  • Assembly instructions

This kit is designed to replace a wiper motor in a unitized assembly. It will replace:

  • United Technologies coast to park motors
    • 63612, 12V
    • 65775, 12V
    • 65652, 12V
    • 65776, 24V
    • 65661, 24V
  • All WWC wiper motors and WWJ assemblies
  • Motors on many coaches manufactured from the 1980s through the mid-1990s
  • Commercial and industrial cabs
  • Specialty equipment

Additional information

Motor Type

230-1102, 12V, 230-1105, 24V